Googleai??i??s Click-to-Call Mobile Ads: A Lead Generation Direct Response Marketer’s Dream

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A few weeks ago — Thursday, January 28th to be precise — Google released a mobile feature that allows marketers to add a click-to-call mobile paid search ad to their paid search campaigns. While paid search is nothing new to the mobile world, the new feature of click-to-call has made it a much more accessible space to advertise in. This is an ideal setting for local businesses to advertise in, but it is also is great for direct response marketers, especially those marketers looking for leads.

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Letai??i??s back up a minute and consider that one of the biggest barriers for marketers when it comes to advertising on the mobile platform is the diverse operating systems used by the various cell phone carriers. Creating several different mobile versions buy lady era of a website can be cumbersome and not always a profitable option for some advertisers. While this is still somewhat of a problem, the click-to-call feature has helped the customer skip over the website portion of the chain and get connected right to the company they are looking for. Sure, any local business can benefit from this new feature. The click-to-call feature makes it easier for people who are on the go to get connected with the closest source to what they need. But for a lead generation direct response marketing campaign, this is a fantastic bit of news.

Many lead generation campaigns are based on a cost-per-call metric. Many times there can be qualifiers within these calls, but Priligy without prescription order paroxetine online cheap, cheap dapoxetine. the base data set that is analyzed is cost/calls. Now that Google has eliminated a step in the process of getting the phone to ring, a paid search campaign that is optimized for click-to-call advertising can provide many more leads to a direct response campaign. Also, according to Paul Feng, Google group product manager for Mobile Ads, clickthrough rates for these new search ads have seen increases up to 30%.

Google charges the same price for the click-to-call ads as it does its normal paid search ads. All bidding still takes places on an ad group level so a marketerai??i??s current campaign can be optimized for click-to-call advertising in a few simple steps. While the volume may be low at first, this will obviously be an area of growth as smartphones antibiotic online cheap pharmaceutical stocks, cheap pharmaceutical stocks, cheap pharmaceutical stocks, cheap pharmaceutical stocks, cheap pharmaceutical stocks, cheap pharmaceutical stocks. continue to dominate the mobile phone market. Google has made it seamless to include click-to-call advertising in a marketing campaign. Advertisers are well-suited to jump on board now and take advantage of this new space.


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Chris Stiner is both a SEM specialist and DRTV media buyer at Koeppel Direct. With over 10 years of offline and online direct response marketing experience, he has a unique skill set and outlook on the synergies of multi-channel SEM direct response marketing.

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  1. Hello, Recently google has released an update like this, telephone numbers won't be displayed on ads and instead of that click to call technology can be implemented. I think this is beneficial for customers , business and for Google also. For Google obviously they will get clicks ( and that is their main revenue) and for business they can track every tiny they want from one call and it is a huge plus point for them and for customers they can make call from the ad itself , don't even have to reach out for a mobile or telephone to contact the business.