Google’s ‘Interesting Items For You’

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Phil Bradley has posted a nice overview of Google’s new personalized homepage module, called ‘Interesting Items For You.’ Once added, this module looks at your recent searches and suggests other pages and gadgets to look at.

For the most part I was impressed with the quality of suggestions. For example, I’ve been looking to upgrade my phone and did some searches nolvadex without prescription for Treo 700. The module suggested I look at “Treo 750″, “Motorola Moto Q” and “Phone Scoop”.

Another interesting thing I’ve noticed was the fact that some of the suggestions were make in languages other than English. In patients acquire motilium with severe renal failure. On the one hand, this is not terribly useful. For example, at some point I’ve probably searched for something with the word “Arabic” in it. In the buy prazosin “Pages” tab, Google suggests Aljazeera in Arabic … on the other hand, if I was able to read Arabic, I would probably appreciate the suggestion.

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