Google’s Legal Trouble

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Despite the fact that advertisers have until late June to reject or protest the proposal, some companies have already rejected Google’s click fraud settlement offer and are preparing to move on with their separate class action lawsuit. Although $90 million seems like a large sum, after you deduct the fee charged by the law firm ($30 million) and divide by the number of advertisers in the lawsuit, you get an advertising credit equal to less than 0.5% of what an average advertiser spends ( antibiotic purchase cialis generika per paypal. lioresal without prescription thank you, Jennifer, for doing the math). As Thys, director of Internet marketing for put it: “It’s almost like an insult that they expect us to take this token money”.

If you think this is the only legal problem Google is facing, think again. buy dapoxetine As Jennifer from Search Engine Guide reports, a N.Y. lawmaker has filed suit against Google, charging that the search engine serves as “the largest and most efficient facilitator and distributor of child pornography in the world”. estrace without prescription Although being a bit of a stretch, the lawsuit is yet another link in the chain of bad publicity recently plaguing Google.

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