Google’s Quality Score: Smaller Advertisers Are Losers Once Again

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David Rodnitsky has an excellent take on the latest Quality Score update. In a nutshell, David believes that this latest update was intentionally timed to occur after the Q3 report and right before the holiday season. atarax online This way Google can shake off all the “smart” advertisers who are able to find niche keywords and pay less and instead will charge big companies who are willing to pay more for brand exposure (as opposed to short-term profits) during the holiday season.

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Personally, it makes perfect Extra Super Tadadel without prescription, generic dapoxetine. buy dapoxetine sense. Google has been moving towards accommodating bigger advertisers, leaving smaller companies behind. Now, by effectively “killing” highly targeted keywords that cost less, Google will be making more from companies like Target and Wal-Mart.

How does that Google motto go antibiotic online again? Do no evil…

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