Google’s ‘Secret’ Ad Network Makes Perfect Sense

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Lately there has been a lot of talk about the possibility that Google might be running a secret ad network for Fortune 1000 companies. Does the network, which John Chow labels as the Google Display Advertising Network, really exist? Who knows… but if it does, it makes perfect sense.

First, big companies have different objectives. While small businesses are advertising with Google to make a quick buck in the short-run and grow their business in Priligy without prescription the long-run, large corporations are often looking to build up their brand awareness. They are more interested in the number of people that see their ads rather than the number of clicks they get or how well they convert.

Second, although small companies make up the majority of AdWords advertisers, big businesses spend a lot more on their campaigns. Just like every company before them, Google has been lifted to stardom by small businesses but is now courting the big guys; after buy malegra all, that’s where the money is.

It would be naive to expect a 150 billion dollar company to care about what the owner of Billy’s Bakery in Wyoming thinks about their ad viagra without prescription network. That’s Google being smart, not evil.

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