Greenspan Comes Back For More

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CNET reports that Brad Greenspan, the founder of Intermix Media ( prednisone reviews MySpace) which was sold to News Corp for $580 million last year, is seeking a federal investigation into the sale. He claims that Intermix shareholders were defrauded by almost $20 billion. Greenspan accuses a former Intermix CEO of hiding the real growth data from the shareholders “to present a distorted financial picture and execute a deal quickly.”

According to Greenspan, “He [Intermix CEO] knew it was worth billions of dollars, he was able to nolvadex tablets buy, dapoxetine online. buy cialis black pass it off to News Corp to get a sweetheart deal for himself.”

Greenspan claims that according to internal company reports, MySpace revenue grew 1,289 percent annually from December Viagra Professional without prescription 2003 through June 2005.

After Yahoo made a $1 billion offer to acquire Facebook, a popular student-oriented social network, it became apparent that the sale of MySpace for $580 million was a huge mistake. Analysts are estimating the value of MySpace at somewhere around $20 billion. xnxx minor.


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