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HeatSync 101: Getting Started With Web Analytics

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A real crucial part of a successful Internet marketing strategy has always been to examine what youa��re doing right, what youa��re doing wrong, and adapt accordingly. Success is not measured in opinions, though. It requires taking a look at analytics and gaining real is it safe to buy antibiotics online. insight into them.

Website analytics are something everyone should familiarize themselves with. The only problem a�� theya��re complicated and boring!

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HeatSync solves that problem and it does away with the need to manually look at web logs and graphs from a dozen different tools. All you do is enter the sites you want to track, and it will give you all the metric data you need, in a really clear and easy-to-understand bupropion without prescription format.

Signing up is simple. Just got to, click on the SIGNUP button in the top right-hand corner to create a profile. Dona��t worry, the signup form is quick and doesna��t require a ton of information.

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Once youa��re in, you can start adding websites. Ita��s helpful to track your competition in addition to your own websites.

Adding sites to your profile is extremely quick and easy. buy dopoxetine Just enter your first website into the field or click on the TRACK WEBSITE button at the top right-hand corner.

Track Site

In seconds, HeatSync will sift through vast amounts of Female Viagra online analytic data and sources like Alexa, Compete, SimilarWeb, SEOmoz, Facebook, Twitter, and more, to gather all the analytics about that website.

Progress Bars

Once HeatSync has gathered your initial batch of data, you will have a profile for your website. Viagra Professional buy The website profile contains all the analytics about your website ranging from historical traffic and rank details, to website speed and performance. No more browsing tons of websites to get this information; ita��s all there.


After you have added at least one website, you may click on the DASHBOARD tab at the top navigation. The dashboard will display all the high-level details about your websites being tracked by HeatSync. Quickly browse through the dashboard tabs to get high-level details about website traffic, rank, SEO, and more.


Another useful tool is HeatSynca��s Compare function. With it, you can choose to compare any website and any analytic to see how they measure up against each other. For instance, leta��s make a comparison between two sites. Just choose which metric wea��d like examined. In this example, it states the Average Stay (how long a user remains before leaving to a new order npxl online page). Then, just pick two or more of your sites, and click a�?Compare Nowa�?.


HeatSync will buy cialis then display a graph showing you the last few months of each sitea��s performance in the chosen metric, so you can see how theya��ve competed!

Compare Chart

As you can see, HeatSync is a breeze to use, and the info it provides is easy to understand. Ita��s currently in beta, but it wona��t be free for long. Sign up today and start getting clomid for sale, lioresal online. insights into your sitesa�� performances that, before HeatSync, would have taken you hours a day to gather!

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