Hello Again: Retargeting Tips For Beginners

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Online order cheap levitra marketing continues to be challenging, especially when most people who visit a website wonai??i??t buy on the spot. Retargeting, a behavioral targeting tactic, can give advertisers another chance for face time with their prospects. By reaching potential buyers as they surf the web, advertisers can bring them back to purchase or take another action on the site.

It all starts with a small piece of code advertisers place on their site, which sets a “cookie” in the user’s buy npxl browser. This code identifies prospects and instructs the ad network to save website visitors to a retargeting list.

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Advertisers can then create a campaign that targets an ad to this list of prospects as they browse the web. The ads can be shown on any website in the retargeting network that a prospect visits, regardless of the Viagra Professional purchase content. The ads won’t be shown to people who are not on the list.

Now that Google offers retargeting options in AdWords, called ai???remarketing,ai??? it is even easier for advertisers can augmentin treat chlamydia. to get started retargeting their website visitors. There are a few tips youai??i??ll want to remember to get up and running smoothly.

1.Ai?? Reconnections

Consider retargeting as a way to reconnect with people who have visited your website. Your ads can make those reconnections more valuable when they trigger a memory of the website or products and then propose next steps.

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  • Use ad messaging and creative that is consistent with your website look and feel.
  • Include a call-to-action in the ad such as ai???learn moreai??? or ai???buy todayai??? to guide the prospect.
  • Include a promotion to capture viewerai??i??s attention and action.

2.Ai?? Audiences

The retargeting tag can be embedded on any page within your website, not just the homepage, so you can develop more detailed audience lists to target. Each audience will require a different snippet of code. A few common ways to segment and target audience lists include:

  • Target website visitors who have viewed specific product categories and serve ads to them that feature those specific products or promotions.
  • Those who have completed a purchase can be reached with a cross-sell. For example, tag the ai???thank youai??? or confirmation page.
  • Reach visitors from other online marketing. For example, tag the email campaignai??i??s landing page and use retargeting to extend the message from the email.

3. Reach

Since the Google remarketing ads are served on websites in the Google display network, each website will accept different ad sizes based on zoloft for sale, generic Zoloft. their design. Each campaign will enable you to serve both text and image ads. Some tips include:

  • To ensure maximum reach in the network, include as many of these creative formats and sizes as possible.
  • Consider ad fatigue and change out creative in image ads on a regular basis (allowing 3 to 5 days for Googleai??i??s ad approval).


Website visitors have already expressed an interest in your product or service by visiting the website, so they tend to be highly qualified. Retargeting allows advertisers to create a new touch point with this qualified audience and presents another chance to sell to prospects who didnai??i??t convert on their first visit. This is the secret sauce that makes bupropion without prescription retargeting a very effective tactic to employ across industries.


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Lisa Raehsler is a SEM Strategy Consultant who has led strategy on over 30 PPC accounts, including ecommerce and enterprise level accounts. She is an organizer for MnSEM and speaker at search engine marketing conferences.

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  1. hi there! i am new on Online Marketing and I find your topic very insightful and I know that with these information that I have read from your blog, it would be of great use to me in the future. I am actually happy that it's not a waste if I failed the first time in Online Marketing, since it's really a challenge as to what to do in order for your visitors to take advantage of your services, but a learning experience cause by that you can actually reconnect with your viewers by the simple tips you've mentioned above. Thanks for that!