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I have been called a “son of a linker” on more than one occasion. This time is no different. Many of you may have read one of my latest posts about “How to obtain free .edu backlinks ethically“. A couple weeks ago I gave away the secret and this wave of giving away linking secrets looks to be a growing trend as Dave Naylor released a post on another great way to get free authority backlinks buy Super P-Force, zithromax without prescription careprost. . .

The idea behind Dave’s post is to navigate to which is a URL string off of You post a message and a year later you could have a PR6 backlink pointing to your site.

Lets get down to business. The first thing I noticed about Dave’s post is that the links obtained here have been around for over 2 years. So there has been some serious time to acquire that google trust rank and PageRank. We also know that the URL that is displayed on this site shows the URL as an anchor text.

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So right off the bat I can tell you that the SEO value buy bentyl is a lot less than it could be if you could give it an anchor text. The good thing about this site is that it does NOT carry a no-follow tag which “supposedly” is a good thing.

Another reason this link acquisition might be too good to be true is because there are a couple frames within this Red Viagra cheapest site and both of them have little or no PR.


In addition I took a look at the backlinks to this site and I noticed something interesting. Only Yahoo has picked up this link, and interestingly enough that is the only backlink that has been picked up at all. My overall opinion of this link find is that it is not all that it’s cracked up to be. cheap atarax If you decide to use it, use it in conjunction with other link development techniques while maintaining a level of ethics when obtaining these.

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  1. Well...your title was really inviting so I dropped by. Content is also an important factor of SEO

  2. With the recent questions surfacing about link relevance and just exactly what part of a site makes that link relevant to yours, the question begs to be asked: how relevant is a link from the to your site unless your site is about web design and markup code? On the other hand, is an authority site (right?) and thus the link would hold more weight as far as trust. Or, are we strictly looking at PR here?

  3. how relevant is a link from the to your site unless your site is about web design and markup code?
    Obviously the perfect link is the one that is trustworthy and relevant. In fact, a lot of irrelevant links might actually hurt your ranking. Nevertheless, I don't think that a link from a site like will hurt, even if it is not very targeted. But, yes, you're right. Clearly, relevance is important.

  4. I ran through some posting on this W3 site and saw a thread that someone left that had his website in the signature...This was the link notice the link to ...when i visited that link, I noticed the site had a PR9. Anybody have any idea how that was accomplished? (enough links from W3 maybe?) was quite amazed to see that as I thought only a select few sites have gotten to that level.

  5. Just to continue on my last post...that guy Mr Dorward has been posting on the W3 site since 2003, and very frequently....all those links pointing back to his site and hes got a PR9....hmm...

  6. also, google is showing plenty of backlinks to his site from the W3 site:

  7. Could you let me know the concept of trust rank...

  8. What does one link have to do with anything? Link building tactics depend on the age of your site, and its own authority. It might pass on link juice, but its one of many factors contributing to serps, which is what we are after! Also .edu links have long been filtered because of left behind guestbooks and so forth, and no longer pass on more power then regular links, if they ever have. I don't know about dorward; I see a PR 4, which may mean nothing. High PR doesn't mean high SERPS. Trust Rank, I believe, is same as Page Rank, but used by Yahoo.

  9. Actually trust rank is something different then page rank and trust rank is a term coined for how Google looks at authority sites. IF you have a new site in the search engines and want to be considered an authority then you need to get links from trusted/authoritative sites. The job board trick is just that.. a trick. The link value you get from it can be debated however to say that getting a link from an edu does nothing or is 100% filtered is going to far in my opinion. recently I have been using .edu links in combination with high powered links from authority sites to do negative serp removal. It has turned out to be very useful for my service offerings. I believe in a link receipe and not just doing one kind of linking obviously. Its a good point you bring up and for anyone reading this I want to advise to make sure your inbound linking structure is as natural as possible. Thats why we focus on untraditional link building like leveraging digg and stumble upon.

  10. Oh that trust rank, sure, I think its only used for spam, and supp index, to determine whether you are in or your not. The only reason I was concerned is because w3 is an authority site and a great link, if your some sort of html or tech based site, if your a wine site for example, it won't do you much good, only pass's some PR. .edu job board, google can identify that this is where the link is coming from, and like I said I believe that google has now made .edu links carry fairly equal weight from deep inner pages, because of spam problems. The .edu pages themselves only rank high because they have high authority, but I don't believe it neccasarily means they will pass on any authority on. Just an opinion, everything pretty much is unless you have experiment to back your words, and its very time consuming in our business of course to do one =)

  11. @Vince: the site you refer to currently has a PR of just 4, so whatever PageRank benefits it derived from the W3 links now seem to have disappeared. (I also looked at several pages on the W3 site and they have a PR 0... Perhaps these two observations are related?)

  12. Whats about this? have now a PR1. Really w3 links don't pass any green juice. Thanks.

  13. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

  14. Is this still relevant or legitimate?

  15. Kevin Gold

    Hi Breals, This was a discussion from back in late 2008. There is still relevance with the subject matter (linking to W3) but as the discussion shows, the legitimacy of the strategy was quickly questioned. We do know that linking to relevant, authoritative domains like Wikipedia is valuable within balance of course. But ultimately how much value is always an ongoing question.

  16. Well, I tend to outlink to authoritive sites anyway since I think it provides additional value for my visitors. Furthermore I think it might be a signal to show Google we're not a spammy made-for-adsense site since those kind of sites normally don't outlink to others :)