How About Local Search?

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I don’t know about you, but I am always wondering about good optimization strategies for local search. Local search seems like a great medium for advertisers but not many buy apcalis businesses and SEM experts are looking in that direction. Google and Yahoo! are doing a poor job in attracting small businesses to the service, which is too bad because these businesses are the ones who can benefit the most out of local search. amoxil reviews According to some sources, up to 20% of all searches have local intent.

I have been talking with many experts in the field and notice very little interest, or even knowledge, on marketing in the local search arena. Here is an interesting post at Search Engine Roundtable on the topic.

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Andrey Milyan was the first editor-in-chief of Search Marketing Standard, the leading print publication covering the search marketing industry. He has been following and reporting on industry developments for over 10 years. Andrey now works in the paid search sector of a prominent search marketing agency.

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