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How Obvious Is Your Call To Action?

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ai???What am I supposed to do now?ai??? Thatai??i??s the last question you want crossing your web visitorai??i??s mind, especially if they have arrived at your site through some sort of marketing offer.
From the perspective of your visitor it should be clear and obvious where they need to click on your landing page to get them closer to their goal. If your visitors have to spend time deciding where to look and what to do, theyai??i??ll most likely get frustrated and leave your site in search of more effortless experiences.

In the example shown, would you know what to do? Are you supposed to look at the picture of the model holding the laptop? Inspect the detailed report screenshots? buy fluoxetine ai???Call before December 30thai??? as instructed in the reverse-color text in the band near the center of the page?

In fact, the answer is ai???none of the above.ai??? The desired conversion action is to start a free 30-day trial by signing up online. Yet the only way to do this is to click on the small black iPhone picture. Unless you have an iPhone, chances are you would tune this image out completely. Even if you noticed the graphic, it is unclear that the image is clickable, rather than simply informational. Because of the hidden nature of the call-to-action, Red Viagra purchase and the large number of visually more dominant elements on the page, the desired conversion action is very unclear.

Apply the Obvious Standard

If your call-to-action is not obvious, you are losing money. If your visitors canai??i??t tell almost immediately what your page is about and target pharmacy prices list. how to get to their goal, you will undoubtedly lose conversions.

Hereai??i??s how to Penegra buy online, acquire dapoxetine. keep your landing page intent clear:

  • Clear page headline ai??i?? Each page on a website (and each stand-alone landing page) must be about something. It must have a clear purpose, and that that purpose must be spelled out in a headline that spans the top of the page.
  • Well-defined ai???action blockai??? ai??i?? There should be a single place for the visitor to interact with your page and that place should be visually called out with a subtle background color. This action block should draw the eye towards the desired activity on the page. The rest of the page should be plain and visually restrained. White background for the content portion of the page is recommended unless there is a compelling need to use a different color.
  • Sub-headline in your action block ai??i?? The purpose of the action block must be clearly stated. What are you asking the visitor to do in the action block? What specifically is going to happen within it?
  • Clear call-to-action ai??i?? Within your action block, you must have a single clear call-to-action. The call-to-action must describe what happens next and what the visitor can expect once they click on your button. It should not be general or generic like the ai???Continueai??? or ai???Submitai??? text that is commonly used on websites. The wording of the call-to-action must be from the visitorai??i??s viewpoint, and not your companyai??i??s. To put yourself in the visitorai??i??s shoes try using button text that completes the following sentence ai??i?? ai???I want to ai??i??ai???

In short, keep your call to action clear by making sure it is the most Priligy without prescription visually prominent thing on the page, placed above the fold, and written in words that reflect the visitorai??i??s perspective, and you should never have to worry about visitors wondering ai???What am I supposed to do now?ai???


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