How to Stay Out of Google Supplemental Results (or Pull Yourself Out)

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Supplemental pages stay buried, folded on top of themselves and keep your cash making pages away from searchers. Google treats like trash but won’t dump out of the index.

In my work as acquire valtrex MSI my buddy and leader of the SEO team battled supplementals like Hercules vs. the Hydra.

Here are some things that I imagine he knew (lifted from Andy Hagans :) but that probably weren’t viable considering the size of sites he was wrangling with. Anyways, here are the five things Andy Hagans recommends for Viagra Sublingual online staying out of supplemental results:

1. Give each page a unique title.
2. Give each page a unique META DESCRIPTION.
3. Make sure each page has a good amount of unique content.
4. Get some more trusted links.
5. Get some links to internal pages.

So I imagine I didn’t blow buy cialis any minds with that… if you’re an old salt SEO your eyes may be bugging out at Hagans giving meta description tags the thumbs up, but it works for him so I’d take it into consideration.

Check out his full post: How to: Escape Google’s Supplemental Index.

Just in time for my post on supplementals comes a post buy Gold Vigra, cheap Zoloft. from EarnersBlog on keeping your WordPress blog out of the supplemental results.

He notes: “I’ve had a few blogs hit supplementals lately even though they’ve got a pretty decent Inbound Link Authority.”

It comes down to a strategic use of that robots.txt file. Here are some guidelines:

What don’t you want indexed:
1. Your Plugins & Content Folder
2. Categories
3. Galleries & Images
4. Feeds & Trackbacks

What you DO want indexed:
1. Posts
2. Pages
3. Sitemap

Now excuse me while I forward that list over to articulo 12. my webmaster ;)

Check out and dig the massive SEM flavor of Removing Supplementals in WordPress or Other Sites.

So that wraps up today’s post on supplemental results. Hold on, wait a minute, there’s a strange force pulling me to link to this post from Quadszilla… Phrase Based Indexing and Retrieval Spam Detection. I don’t understand it fully but it gets me all black hat tingly.

Maybe I’ll look and see if there’s any silver lining there later this week ;)


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  1. It has become so important to the success of my clientèle that I added "Show only Supplemental (results) Pages. " here