Improving Lead Quality in B2B Search Marketing

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Long before the Internet, leads were a primary source of customers for business-to-business firms. The emergence of search engine marketing as a powerful marketing channel has brought new possibilities to the old lead generation game, but also new challenges. Online campaigns can quickly boost the value of leads, but they may also hurt their quality.

This white paper from deals with the issue of poor quality leads from B2B search engine marketing campaigns. The following issue areas are included in its scope:

  • Reasons behind poor-quality leads from B2B search engine marketing campaigns.
  • Short- and long-term fixes to improve the quality of your leads.

If your search marketing campaigns are generating low-quality leads, and you are puzzled about what to do, take a look at this report for a number of potential solutions. From ways to identify the problem to developing processes and initiatives that will increase lead quality before passing them along to Sales, effective solutions are possible.

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