Internet Retailer Conference & Exposition

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Internet Retailer Conference & Exposition

Title: Internet Retailer Conference & Exposition

Location: Boston, MA

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Description: a�?Rising Abovea��Not Just Survivinga��The Economic Storm”

When a market is growing at 25%, you dona��t have to be great to succeed. But when the market grows at 10% or even less, the challenges to success multiply. Those who want to succeed must keep their focus, invest wisely and take a long-term view of where the market and consumers are heading.

Todaya��s economy offers online retailers challengesa��and opportunitiesa��that did not exist a year ago. When online suddenly faces the same constraints that all retailing is subject to, the competition for consumer dollars increases exponentially. Chains will be turning their focusa��and their huge resourcesa��to the Internet. Established web-only merchants will fight to preserve and grow their bases. Catalogers will seek to leverage their remote selling experience into new areas. And consumer product manufacturers will look for ways to squeeze costs out of their distribution systems by ramping up their direct-to-consumer online initiatives.

Date: June 15 to June 18, 2009

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