Internet Videos a Runaway Success. Ads? Not So Much

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The viagra fast delivery. latest study done by Burst Media is yet another one in the series of studies that seem to show that ads embedded in the video content are not working very well. According to the study, even though 56% of users recall ads in the video, 78% of those surveyed find them intrusive. Going deeper, 48% say they immediately stop watching the video as soon as the ad appears and 28% say they leave the website upon noticing the ad.

So how can advertisers minimize the negative effects of embedded video ads? Another study done by PodZinger, a video search and ad network provider, found that ads have to be short and relevant. Unlike TV viewers, Web users seem to have a shorter attention spans. The study revealed that consumers prefer 10 to 15-second ads. Even for longer content, the ads should not go over the 15-second limit because most users tend to play only the first 15% of the clip.

The need for relevance should not come as a surprise. Since contextual advertisement appeared on the scene, Internet users have gotten more and more accustomed to the ads that are relevant to what they are looking buy prazosin for.

It remains to be seen how this will affect Cialis Soft online, order clomid. Viagra Jelly cheap generic zyban the revenue models of YouTube and the likes.


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