Is Digg Really Relevant to Search Marketers?

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I got dugg once, back where can i get suprax. in my days at Search Engine Lowdown. It was a rush, but at the end of the day the blog overall hadn’t gained that much (note – at the time I blogged to differentiate my employer in the space and wasn’t trying to sell overtly).

I Viagra Soft cheap then put Digg into the category of – neat, but don’t write for it – write for yourself (and, well, I haven’t been dugg since ;) .

There’s been a recent spate of Digg discussion going on in SEM circles though and I’ve been forced to re-evaluate my thinking some. Especially with posts like 10 Reasons Digg Could be the New Google from the reputable Todd Malicoat.

This post is a stake in the ground for my beginning investigations on Digg, and so I’m going to start by voicing my opinions on who Digg is most useful for. I’d highly value retorts cheap Antabuse ;)

Digg is useful for:

  • affiliate marketers – ideally targeting the Nerd Core – seeking loads of traffic.
  • media/marketing thought leaders/journalists seeking to spread their name and increase credibility and page views.

I’m not sold on Digg as buy fildena a new traffic gold mine. Er, well, clearly you can get huge traffic spikes, but do the costs outweigh the benefits? What ARE the costs anyways?

It’s great for publishers like Sullivan over at Search Engine Land who get paid by the page view and need to establish themselves as key sources of information (though at the end of the day isn’t Digg itself getting the brand value?).

And I’m sure a Digg or two wouldn’t hurt our efforts here at the SMSblog… we’ll just keep aiming for the SearchMob for now ;)

I can see it being valuable for affiliate marketers who invest in some solid Digg bait that will also serve as link bait for bloggers and forums.

My gut order Malegra online cheap, generic Zoloft. says that it’s just too broad for targeted social media efforts (though if you’ve got the resources it’s certainly worth a shot!). What are your thoughts?

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  1. Andrey Milyan

    By the way, for those interested in picking the brains of the Digg insiders, the next issue of the Search Marketing Standard magazine will have an exclusive interview with Digg's founder, Kevin Rose.

    I am putting Kevin on the spot with some tough questions on the use of moderators and the quality of results on Digg.