Is Google’s Algorithm A Quick Change Artist?

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Over the years, Google has been a constant in our online lives. Ever since it became popular enough to merit the title of the leading search engine in the world, it has seemed to be an unchanging entity — with its iconic, clutter-free search screen that has changed little in appearance (except buy paxil cr no prescription. Caverta for sale, clomid reviews. buy levitra Antabuse online for the doodle logos commemorating specific events and people). But those of us who work in online marketing and search engine optimization know that behind the scenes, the change is ongoing. With hundred and hundreds of alterations in the basic algorithm of how Google decides what is shown to a search query, it’s an uphill battle to keep track of all the changes, much less compensate for them by altering one’s perspective and taking action to adjust websites and strategies in search of the gold ring of higher ranking.

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The following infographic shows the highlights along the way from 1998 to the present, with short explanations of how each of the identified algorithm changes altered the playing field for those involved in SEO and online marketing. Thanks to Denmark-based search marketing firm Outrider Red Viagra without prescription for the infographic, shown here at SEOPal.

Google algorithm changes

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