Is Yahoo giving up?

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Barry at Search Engine Roundtable posted a link to an interesting about Yahoo! openly admitting that it is giving up on the quest to become the number one search engine. It does seem strange for Yahoo! to take an underdog approach, but I would not dismiss them as losers right away. Yahoo! does seem to be loosing ground and Google seems to be gaining at the same time. Yahoo! does return pretty relevant results – maybe not as relevant as Google, but definitely better then the ones from MSN Search. Yahoo! has been around since 1994 and they are still the #1 website out there in terms of daily traffic. With services like Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Mail, they have a solid client base.

What does that mean for you as an advertiser? Well, I would not just run away from this “sinking ship” and put all your eggs into a Google basket. Yahoo! has still plenty to offer to their advertisers.

There is nothing wrong with being realistic, but I wonder how much damage this comment from Yahoo!’s Chief Financial Officer did in terms of investors and shareholders. We’ll just have to wait and see what

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