Is’s Video Advertising Promotion Deceptive?


What happens when America’s largest Yellow Pages company jumps into online local video advertising without an actual product? Here’s my story of one very frustrated marketer who went through 10 very strange days until realizing that many things in the IYP space are not what they seem on the promotional surface.

Back on Nov 28,, a subsidiary of AT&T, announced a a�?nationwide rollouta�? of video advertisements in their online local listings space. was now offering 30-second video ad models for businesses: A basic a�?video profile,” and a a�?premium” video profile package, which includes on-location shooting and some additional production time.
Some clips of their press release reads as follows:

a�?New Video Feature Offers Advertisers a New and Exciting Way to Reach Consumers Searching for Local Businessesa�� YELLOWPAGES.COM, a subsidiary of AT&T Inc. announced today the addition of two new video products to the suite of tools that it provides advertisers to help them reach local shoppers onlinea�� YELLOWPAGES.COM has introduced video advertisements in pilot markets and has now begun a nationwide rollouta�� Helps advertisers get up and running quickly.”
While SuperPages was the first IYP to offer video advertisements (and that on a national scale), I took special interest in YellowPages.coma��s announcement of its own launch, partly because they have the largest exposure of any IYP (34 million monthly unique visitors according to Comscore Media Metrix September 2007 stats), and also because several of my clients already have accounts with Yellow Pages, including paid online search listings. One of them is a videography firm, and who better to benefit from this opportunity?
Or so I initially thought.

Even before contacting anyone in sales, I found some questionable items on the’s website regarding the Video Profile program.

  • Poor navigation. You cana��t tell from YPa��s home page of any real indication about the Video Profile program (Rather strange considering they just issued a press release.) First, you have to know to click on the a�?Visit our online storea�? link at the bottom of YPa��s home page. Effectively generic deltasone accelerate the resolution of acute exacerbations of MS. That link takes you to a rather unimpressive layout where the a�?Video Profilea�? offer is given the minimal display and information. From there, you need to click on the a�?Product Infoa�? button. When finally takes you to the a�?Video Profilea�? page.
  • Poor usability. No actual examples are found on the Video Profile page. Really, how are you going to be able to sell people on this if you cana��t make demos easily available? (I had to hunt down the original press release with the name and location of the example company, and manually type that in to the search box to find it myself.
  • No pricing information. The only information I could find was that having a video display requires a PPC account. (Meaning, you cana��t purchase the feature as a stand-alone item.)

After filling out the online form and leaving a phone message, I receive a call back from, the sales wing of for my home state of Illinois. I have viagra and cialis non perscription. to repeatedly explain my inquiry about the video profile to 4 different sales reps, all of whom have never heard about the Video Profile until I brought it to their attention. It takes several days for me to hear back from someone higher up on the chain a�� an a�?Internet Specialist.a�? Turns out he didna��t know about the video profile program, either.

After 9 days, I finally get some information, although not entirely helpful. I speak with a 5th person in the Internet sales chain for DexKnows, who was just informed by (again after several days of waiting) that they doesna��t offer any video advertising for Illinois. (He also shares his own frustration that YellowPages promotes a program that they give them absolutely no information about, and theya��re buy Viagra Caps, buy zithromax online. supposed to be their sales team!)

Frustrated but still wanting answers, I call’s customer service line. The rep tells me she can’t give out any information on what areas their “trial program” (so apparently its no longer a national program as advertised) for Video Profiles are taking place. Instead, she says can only give me the phone number for any particular state and put me in touch with that statea��s sales team, and I would have to find out from them if Lasix online they know anything about the program.

No thanks, I don’t feel like going through the ordeal 49 more times.

Bizarre, isna��t it? YellowPages buy neurotin boasts about having the largest visitor exposure and is a subsidiary of the largest telecommunications company in the U.S., yet they cana��t even put together a proper program for online video advertising for local businesses. Not only is there no real a�?nationwide rollouta�? like their press release back claimed there was, but apparently they’re being too secretive to even mention what a�?pilot marketsa�? theya��re actually doing video advertisements for.

On thing the I’ve learned Female Viagra buy from my many years in the online marketing and search industry a�� the actual execution of a marketing program is eventually going to trump any hype. YellowPages.coma��s bungling of their Video Profile promotion highlights the ongoing troubles in the IYP space between online video advertising and their sales channels. buy ceftin online When the largest IYP chooses to withhold important correspondence about promotional programs like this from their own sales reps, much less train them adequately in taking sales calls, all of the buzz that has generate will eventually sting them.


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Grant Crowell is the CEO for Grantastic Designs, a search marketing and usability firm, and Senior Analyst of, a video solutions publication for online marketers.

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  1. Hey there, This is certainly an eye opener. We produce these exact videos and we just cut a deal with Boulevards. We hope to be up and running within the next few weeks. I'm wondering why YellowPages didn't secure a video vendor? Anyway, great post! Ursula COO,

  2. Nice article! As everyone knows by now, video is very exciting. I think in the next few years people will discover that video is appropriate for certain areas of the consumer market, right now it seems like everyone wants to use video for everything. I think the small business arena will benefit the most from video which is pretty much the thesis behind

  3. Check back on their website; they've secured a vendor and appear to be up and running with the video. It is a bit hard to find though, and pricing information is still a bit hidden as well...

  4. Seth has a nationwide video, it has taken a little while for us to work out different deals with venders to find the right one and have secured a great company. Please contiune to visit the site we have added a great deal of other websites with our content as well. Thanks

  5. Mark Heller

    As an online sales veteran if I was working for or a sales arm for them I would of simply walked away. These big organizations have no clue on how to organize any sort of new product launch and when they do launch new products they try to figure out how to give as little as possible and charge as much as possible. I personally want to thank them for horrible customer service, horrible products and finally not really caring what the client wants and forcing their square products into a square hole. It has enabled me who actually does care about the client, who listens to their needs and am able to formulate a game plan for them that is affordable and makes sense. Thank you !!!!

  6. Mark Heller

    meant round hole it is late

  7. I'm not even sure Yellowpages is still in this business. In fact, is Yellowpages still in business. I think video is a huge growth area and if you got into it back in 2008 and did things correctly, you'd be killing it now.