Is Your Company Ready for Social Media Marketing Campaign?


Social media is red hot right now. Left and right, companies are jumping in to take advantage of this emerging market. If you are itching to get in the game, consider this: social media marketing is not for everyone.

While browsing through the blogs, I’ve stumbled up an interesting post by John Bell, founder of the 360 Digital Influence group. John has a great list of questions to ask yourself before engaging in the social media field. Here are some of the more interesting questions you should ask yourself before starting SMM (Social Media Marketing) campaign:

Does anyone cheap tadalafil, cheap dapoxetine. within the company already blog?

Do any of these existing bloggers post on business-related issues (vs. personal blogs)?

Have you ever published public information – done apodefil sildenafil 50 mg. an interview, released some news, said something publicly – without prior written approval from the legal department?

Does your company reward entrepreneurial behavior from within the organization?

As you may already know, our very own Garrett French is an expert on social media. In the Winter issue of “Search Marketing Standard” magazine, he touched upon this same issue. In his article, Garrett points out which Female Viagra purchase companies can benefit from the social media opportunities the most. In a nutshell, here are some of the characteristics your organization should possess:

1. Your organization already contributes to your market community through blogging, white paper publishing, research, etc. Basically, you need to be able to answer “YES” acquire nolvadex to the first three of John’s questions above.

2. You and/or your staff have time to explore social media market as a distribution platform.

3. Your company sells unique buy levitra or highly fashionable products or services that create their own buzz.

This is not to say that an organization lacking a blog or highly fashionable products in its inventory can’t conduct a successful social media marketing campaign; it can. However, it is important to realize that social media marketing efforts involve much more than a few blog posts per week and an occasional podcast.


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Andrey Milyan was the first editor-in-chief of Search Marketing Standard, the leading print publication covering the search marketing industry. He has been following and reporting on industry developments for over 10 years. Andrey now works in the paid search sector of a prominent search marketing agency.

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  1. The time piece is the real challenge. Anyway it was, and still is, for me. But recently I moved blogging and online community involvement up the priority pecking order and the early experience has been very encouraging.

    But it has to be time used wisely, because time consuming it can be. So I stick pretty close to my core expertise when blogging for the Biz and engaging in the profesional-side of Social Media.


    Tom Hale
    Internet Strategist-AdWords Specialist

  2. Andrey Milyan

    Thank you for sharing, Tom.

  3. Andrey - great post and I agree with what you have to say. In addition to your quotes above, if a company is not ready to give up some control of their marketing message(s), then social media is something they should avoid like the plague. I struggle internally and have battles everyday with very traditional, conservative-minded marketers about employing social media initiatives across the organization and this key topic always comes up….”well, if we have a blog, how can we control what people are saying in the comments”….and my response is usually…”well, you can’t and that’s the point. Either way, those conversations WILL go on whether we participate or not.” Michael

  4. Thanks for sharing, Tom! Very good points, social media should not be done by everyone. However, there are a number of professionals who can handle the social media presence of a business.