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Down at SEO Refugee Blog, Skitzzo has started yet another blog meme. There has been a lot of those going around but this one is for a noble cause. The idea is simple: by linking to our favorite charities and nonprofit organizations, we can improve their standings in the search results. Here is the list of my top 5 charities/organizations, as well as the list of the charities/organizations other people have listed.

Here are Viagra Professional purchase my top 5:

Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders – Humanitarian Relief

American Red Cross – Emergency Preparedness

AMREF – African Medical & Research Foundation – African Health Development

DOROT – Programs for Elderly alli orlistat online.

Feed the Children – Protect Children

Here is buy dapoxetine what others have linked to:

Now, let’s tag more bloggers!

Joe Whyte

Lee Odden

Darren Rowse

Kim Krause Berg

Andy Beal


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  1. Andrey, thanks for participating! I was just teasing about the spelling but thanks for changing it. Great list of charities as well. Feed the Children was one I considered as well. I'm glad it got picked.

  2. This meme was a good idea. Thanks for starting it.

  3. ScreaminDemon

    Andrey, thanks for including Feed The Children.