Jambo Introduces Industry’s First Collect Pay-Per-Call Service

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As claimed in their press release, Jambo released the first ever collect pay-per-call service. The service sounds a little spammy because Jumbo is planning to take businesses, list them and then call them for approval of their ads. They justify this system by saying that businesses don’t have the resources to run their keyword campaigns. All the charges for the pay-per-call campaign are added to a business’ phone bill. Here is what Jambo’s CEO, John Melideo, has to say about the service:

order zyban a�?All other companies use what I call a�?the burden modela�� a�� the burden is on merchants to take the initiative to create ads, choose keywords and manage the bidding process,a�? said John Melideo, CEO, Jambo. a�?But most local businesses dona��t have the resources or the inclination to do that. By tapping into a billing system that they already use a�� their phone bill a�� wea��re removing the need to set up and manage separate advertising campaigns with various publishers. Instead, wea��re automatically including merchants listed in a JAN partner directory a�� all they have to do is answer the phone and say yes or no to a qualified lead. Ita��s that simple.a�?

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  1. Business leads are so important but small local companies which cant make it to Googles front search pages just cant compete. Pay Per Call is fantastic.