Kanoodle Continues To Cozy Up To Microsoft

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With the Viagra Professional cheap announcement earlier this week that Microsoft will begin serving up contextual-based ads in its Windows Live email application (together with potential search terms), Kanoodle’s place in the evolving face of Microsoft has solidified further. Kanoodle will be providing the ads for the process, as one would expect from their earlier partnering with Microsoft.

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Is “Kanoodle using their noodle” in their joining the Microsoft sphere of influence? Certainly the search engine needed something to boost itself up from the rest of the smaller search engines on the web, but if they want to maintain their independence, “partnering” with Microsoft is a risky move. On the other hand, although Kanoodle has always had a lot of potential, many users have commented in the past on the lack of ROI from ad campaigns on their network. buy levitra But if Kanoodle thinks it can attract users to Kanoodle itself by the addition of the Microsoft network, expect Microsoft to reach out and snatch the company right out from under them – which may be, in the end, what Kanoodle is looking to do – side with Microsoft in hopes they turn out to be the Google Killer. Just don’t kill the Kanoodle Kams, please. I have to have some excitement to look forward to, even if it is just watching other people toiling away in the search engine mine!

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