Kanoodle Introduces New Features

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Kanoodle online tadalafil, zithromax reviews. has added two new features to its set of solutions for online advertisers. First, the Kanoodle team has completely redesigned the scheduling tool, which now gives more flexibility for advertisers to run their ads at the time they want. As Tina Shih from Kanoodle put it:
“The existing scheduler tool was updated to allow for even more day and time parting, so that advertisers can control for when their ads will run.” generic lioresal doxycyclin without prescription buy levothroid

The second and the most important addition to the service is a geo-targeting tool which now allows advertisers to target visitors by location – information which is extracted from their IP addresses. cheap amoxil Geo-targeting complements Kanoodle’s existing product, LocalTarget, which uses topics as a means of identifying content targeted at specific markets.

Anyone interested in trying out Kanoodle’s package of services, which also includes ContextTarget, BehaviorTarget and good old KeywordTarget options, can sign up here where can i buy cialis over the counter. .


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