Kanoodle Launches Its Own Blog


The pay-per-click search engine, Kanoodle, has launched its own blog which will discuss new developments in the company and the industry, as well as provide useful tips on how to get the most out of Kanoodle’s services.

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As their Director of Marketing, acquire atarax Tina Shih, put it: “[The blog is] another great way for us to share ongoing news and information with our advertiser and order Lasix buy malegra publisher partners.”

You can subscribe to their RSS feed here.
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  1. It looks like they're off to a great start. Good choices for their blogroll. And, I'm sure those categories will grow much larger. Definitely a good feed to subscribe to.

  2. Rob

    It's "its own blog", not "it's own blow".

  3. Rob

    Err, "blog", not "blow".

  4. Frances

    Hehehe, Rob. Thanks for the catch!