Key Digg Conversions: SMO Preparation Tips


Digg’s an Viagra Soft purchase audience I’ve been ignoring for my current projects.

Partly because I recognize how long it pde5. takes to build up respect and trust in an online community and partly because I believe Digg readers and participants are the wrong audience for me right now.

And I’ve always had the nagging thought of – ok, so you got massive Digg traffic, now what?

Chris G answered that question recently in his Converting Diggers: How To Maximise Getting Dugg. Here are his key points:

  • Keep the visitor involved and on-site
  • Put your RSS and Email subscriptions right where they can be seen
  • Call to action not just “subscribe” – give a reason why they should sign up, a damn good one
  • (and be buy neurotin sure to check out Chris G’s call to action for subscribing to his RSS feed… smart stuff.)

    If you’re especially curious about distributing your content to the Digg community definitely read Andy Hagan’s Interview with Muhammad Saleem, Social Media Professional.

    This quote should give you a pretty good idea of buy zyban who you should target with your content, or who you should be trying to emulate as a content distributor:

    Once I started participating, at first it was a little frustrating since as a new user it is harder to get on the front-page of the site (not because of the way the system is set up, but just because you have to really understand the community and their preferences to succeed).
    But I kept at it for a while, made some friends that guided me through the process and taught me how to better participate and succeed in the community. In 11 months since joining Digg, I managed to reach #9 on the Top Diggers list.

    You’re either writing for him or emulating cheap sildenafil, buy lioresal. his trajectory by submitting the content of others to the Digg community.

    Make sure first that your site converts visitors to subscribers though :)

    Update: And do read this interesting snippet from BoingBoing’s coverage of a Wired article on buying Digg votes.

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    1. Garrett - interesting post. I would just say that in my opinion if your content isn't related to Linux, Apple, any new IT trend or liberal politics, then Digg might not be the place to distribute your content. - Michael