Lady Era (Sildenafil 100 mg) a preparation for a potency at women

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Lady Era (Sildenafil 100 mg) a preparation for a potency at women

Brand Viagra online kamagra made in india.

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Lady Era – a real gift for women and their sexual partners. The unique development of Indian pharmacologists has no analogues. Today, every woman tries to buy a drug for women’s potency. “Lady Era” provides increased sensuality, increased craving for a man, unearthly sensations during orgasm. The drug helps to relax, forget about work and everyday problems, head to plunge into love games. Within 4-6 hours, a woman’s body is controlled by unbridled sexual energy.
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Women’s Viagra is an effective drug for increasing libido
The drug enhances sexual desire and willingness to have sex, which removes the psychological barriers of women who are insecure, allows you to tune in to the right way;
a�? Improved blood circulation increases the sensitivity of intimate and erogenous zones, so the sensations become brighter, the duration of sexual intercourse increases.
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How to take Lady-Era?
The product is available in tablets, which are taken before sexual intercourse and begin to act for an hour. Dosage should be carefully observed, as excess intake of sildenafil is dangerous for the body. Like the drug for men, the female Viagra has contraindications. Among them – diseases of the heart and blood vessels, stomach ulcers and other serious pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, blood diseases. If you have health problems before using the female Viagra, you should consult a doctor.

The same applies to women who take certain medications. The active substance of the stimulant is incompatible with nitrates and some other compounds, so dosage adjustment or drug cancellation may be necessary.
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