Link Builders: Cache Date vs. Page Rank to Determine a Site’s Value


I’ve yet to do a large-scale link building project – one that involves emailing hundreds of people and asking for links.

The tedium of contacting all these folks site by site daunts me, and yet I know it’s a great way to get the word out, and yet another of the ways that PR and SEO have merged… especially if your out reach emails are strong introductions buy estrace for your site.

Anyways, in talking with a great friend and colleague yesterday he described his recent large-scale link building efforts and said he buy lady era weeded out sites with PRs under 4 (also, that sites with a PR of 4 were more likely to give links for his highly niche client site).

My link building efforts tend towards the community involvement and media (articles, blog posts, etc) distribution, and as I want to really blow some of my clients out of the water I decided that I’m going to do some seriously tedious but potentially valuable linking campaigns.

So Aaron Wall dropped a nice tidbit that comes right on time for me – I hope it helps you in your efforts as well when it comes to identifying large numbers of folks who are potential link partners: cache date.

In cialis philippines. comments Wall clarified what he determines by the cache date:

* general health of a site you own
* general site of a health you are thinking of buying
* general health of a site you have the ability to publish content on
* trustworthiness of a link source

It is this last Viagra Jelly cheapest purpose that I’ll bring up with my buddy who’s going to scrape scrape scrape (and then scrub a little too I hope ;) me up a huge pile of urls and email addys so I can start going “door to door” more effectively for my clients.

Most SEMs don’t believe that Eriacta buy online, purchase dapoxetine. Google actually uses PageRank. I think that if it’s all you have you should use it, but hey, it’s not all you have (and really there are tons of factors besides even cache date you should be thinking about when you conduct link building campaigns… I’m sure Fishkin has a post on this somewhere and I’ll poke around for it for you ;) .

Wall linked to, and so will I, a tool from Boykin called the Cool Cache SEO Tool!

And while you’re at it link builders, check out Making your content by Mr. Patel.

And then quit thinking about marketing with me for a moment and meditate on the reason many Americans had the day off today… Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I Have a Dream” (20 minute video of his famous speech).


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  1. IMAutoPilot

    You covered a lot of ground there. From link building to formulas to MLK. We actually do pay attention to PR. No matter what, a high PR is generally a good sign and if the site is on topic, it is probably worth pursuing for a link.

  2. kelvin newman

    I tried to test out Aaron Wall's Idea and wrote it up in a blog piece

  3. Its true that the cache date is a very important SEO factor, especially when exchanging links with other sites but Page rank is also essential. Good article overall, thanks for writing :)

  4. Hi! Are there any formulas out there that can help to estimate how many link with what PR rank are needed in order to bring the site from let's say position 20 in Google to top 5? thanks Alex

  5. link building is most important task in seo after quality content. really agree with your well informative article. thanks... Online marketing