Link Building Recap Makes Great Link Bait + Other Echoes of SEM Grandeur :)

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I’m new to the 10e20 blog.

The overview of Eric Ward’s link building webcast Tamar Weinberg posted there recently turned me into a staunch reader.

Why? Her lucid purchase neurontin, purchase dapoxetine. recap rapidly delivers Ward’s framework of thought about building links.

This bit I excerpted is not likely to explode your cialisis generico en usa. brain… but for me it fit some nice neat categories around the link building work me and my partner are doing for a client right now:

There are four types order valtrex of links:

1. Links that help you with direct click traffic. … An example of this is a paid link or banner ad. It will send you traffic but not affect your rank.
2. Links that help your search rank.
3. A link that does both. These would be known as the “holy grail of links…”
4. A link that does neither.

I like!

The post touches too on how link building drives the convergence of SEO and PR – a topic I wrote about for SearchEngineGuide.

What Viagra Super Active cheapest else is great about this post from 10e20? They transcribed the Q/A!! Nice!

Here’s my favorite:

Question: Is link building a long-term effort?
Answer: In my opinion, it depends on the content. It can be interrupted by huge spikes or a frenzy of activity. You should continually attract links by building great content. You can attract natural links without even asking in some cases. It doesna��t always happen though. You might also have content that is appropriate for a certain time or place. For example, a recent volcanic eruption caused for a lot of volcanic related content to go forward. Therea��s a spike related to items for Valentinea��s Day. Now that ita��s past February 14th, these sites may not be getting as much traffic but they can still begin preparing links for next year.

Jimminy Cricket search marketers… Hie ye to Eric Ward’s webcast and then check out Tamar Weinberg’s 10e20 post for a guide on how to make fantastic, link worthy content based on the content value add of great organization and recap!

Other Neat Stuff + Paid Search Breaking News:
I just discovered the Mad Hat. I forget where now. I’m excited to keep reading and will likely be linking to future posts here.

Google AdWords quality score is wonked-the-f-out. Al Scillitani provides a couple of points of note for paid search marketers.

Also be sure to ask Al buy motilium about his guide to link building by IMing Garrett at just the right time ;)

And if you’re curious about StumbleUpon I suggest a recent post I wrote for SearchEngineJournal that describes SU as opposed to Digg, Google, MySpace and others…


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