Linkbait as Practice that Shifts SEM into Social Media Marketing?


I was half joking yesterday when I said this was shaping up to be a link-centric week for SMSblog… But when I saw that Nick Wilson, former owner/editor of Threadwatch lays down a linking manifesto I realized that this week was meant for links.

His article would take you at least 7 mind-blowing minutes to read. If you’d prefer 7 seconds of mind blowing here are my buy allopurinol top 7 take aways from 2007 Guide to Linkbaiting:

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1) Wilson wrote the art of link baiting.
2) Widgetbait is the new “holy grail” but is expensive
3) there are three types of link bait with varying degree of risk to reward – textual, site based tools and software, widget bait
4) “Widgets are small pieces of software that can be ported easily.”
5) link begging is mind numbingly tedious compared to fun of linkbait
6) it’s linkbait, not link bait
7) we’re rockstars! “Those of you already working on linkbaiting services are the rockstars of the industry, the pioneers of change, and you have a responsibility to yourselves and the industry as a whole to not let a wonderful win-win service gain an undeserved, shady reputation.”

Also see the excellent and most needful extended male and female viagra. uk. debate on spelling linkbait vs. link bait, complete with excellent links to other link bait articles. You can also vote on whether it’s linkbait or link bait.

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And once you have your linkbait campaigns out in full force you may notice your titles changing in Yahoo.

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