Lycos Cinema Might Not Benefit the Company

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Lycos has come up with an interesting idea. It has combined online video with chat and called it celebrex no rx, order clomid. Lycos Cinema. The idea is great but there is a problem – Lycos is not Google. Duh! :-) If it were Google releasing Google Cinema, we would have all the major papers and blogs talking about it.

The dilemma for Lycos is simple. They have wasted (I mean “spent”) resources on R&D, but will they get the credit? If buy allopurinol Google introduces the same thing for YouTube and calls it TubeCinema, will anyone remember that it was Lycos that came up with the idea?

Companies like Lycos have to think twice before implementing new ideas. buy fluoxetine online Of course, this is a classic Catch-22 situation. If you don’t introduce new ideas you will never gain market share, but if you do, others with a much larger share of the market and stronger brand will use your ideas and gain even more. Viagra Soft cheapest It remains to be seen who will be the bigger winner here, Lycos or the competition.

P.S. I hate when the sites don’t work in Firefox buy Antabuse online ;-(

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  1. Anonymous

    Ah but you see, at the end of the Lycos press relase, they say they applied for the patent - so it would be GREAT for them if Google stole the idea -- big $$$.

    I hate the idea of monopolies and Google ain't one yet - viva la free web!