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Yes, you heard it right. Intuit and Google have announced a strategic, long-term partnership. The next version of QuickBooks (2007) will provide users with the ability to manage their AdWords campaigns and other Google-related services right in the workflow of QuickBooks.

Intuit has also announced that their recently acquired service called StepUp will also be integrated into QuickBooks 2007. StepUp helps local service businesses establish their web presence.

According to Search Engine Watch, here are some of the ways Google products will be integrated into QuickBooks:

- ciproxin 250mg. AdWords integration. Users will now be able to manage their Google AdWords campaigns from the QuickBooks interface.
- Quick listing on Google Maps. QuickBooks 2007 will have the ability to quickly populate fields for Google Maps listing.
- Product feed to buy Silvitra tab, buy lioresal. Froogle. StepUp has been working with Google to provide local retailer inventory information to Froogle.
- Google Desktop integration. QuickBook users will now be able to search their data with Google Desktop.

This latest move gives dapoxetine without prescription buy npxl Google a huge advantage over its competition. Through Intuit, Google gets instant access to millions of potential advertisers. This also makes Google services much friendlier for local small businesses.

As for Intuit, this partnership increases QuickBooks’ value as a service. fluoxetine online Thousands of their customers are already advertising with Google and the ability to manage their campaigns in the workflow of QuickBooks is a major antibiotic cheap benefit.


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  1. Frances

    Let's not forget too that Intuit is the producer of Turbo Tax in the U.S. and other tax software in countries such as Canada. Quicken is also in their stable of titles.

    The extra exposure just from those who use TurboTax (individuals and accountants) to prepare their tax returns each year will be extremely significant, I think.