Mapping The BuyerSphere

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With so many factors influencing a buyer’s decisions online, it has often been assumed that buyers are rational actors who would weigh all the pros and cons before making a purchase. What many recent studies have shown, however, is that a buyer’s decision process is not necessarily rational.

Mapping the BuyerSphere, a white paper published by Enquiro, identifies what they call “the risk gap.” As Enquiro’s research shows, buyers are more risk-averse than rational, and there is a gap between the vendor’s rational image of the customer and the buyer’s attempt to minimize the risk. So how do you minimize your company’s “risk gap”? This report will show you:

  • How the purchasing decision is made, and what some of the factors are that go into a buyer’s risk-minimizing approach
  • How to implement risk-control mechanisms
  • How to gain an external perspective on your products, the market, and buyers

Marketing has always been about understanding your customers. In this 18-page report, Enquiro delivers some new and important perspectives on how your prospects might view and interact with your products/services.

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