Marketing to Generation Y and Its Relation to Media Usage


One of the most important things Internet marketers can do for themselves, their companies and their marketing efforts Tastylia without prescription, generic lioresal. is to look into future trends as much as possible. In order for you to have the upper hand in marketing, which is KEY, you need to see where markets are shifting and find possible untapped avenues to break into. One of the most interesting avenues today is the rapid growth in generation Ya��s media usage over the last 4 years.

Although the term a�?mediaa�? is broad and overlaps online and offline marketing, the numbers are too impressive for a marketer to ignore. Over the past 4 years the number of hours spent with media has grown within the generation Y demographic. Studies have shown that this generation is the most impressionable as well. Put the 2 together and you have a growing market base of potential returning sales, conversions and a chance (if your marketing budget allows) for lifelong branding.

Below is a statistical chart on the behavior tendencies of 13-64+ year olds and buy lioresal online there corresponding media usage over the last 4 years.


As you can see between May 04 and May 07 buy dapoxetine there has been a significant jump and steady growth in the usage of media like phones, radio, Internet, computers, television, etc. Multitasking is something that the gen Y demographic is really taking advantage of, according to eMarketer. Buy now buy zoloft online canada internet. Consuming media simultaneously is something all generations do, however, the Y generation seems to be very effective at it.

Below is a chart on the most popular where to buy viagra for women. media to be consumed simultaneously.

media usage

I must admit that usually when I am on the phone I have an ear piece on in my other ear listening to music. When I am working at home I will have the television or radio on while working on my laptop at the same time. What is interesting about this study is that either a) The 13-17 year olds in this study are multitasking more Female Viagra cheapest frequently because they do not have jobs or less responsibility then their older counterparts OR b) This could be a growing trend of young adults and as years pass these numbers will continue to grow through the different age demographics.

Either way you want to look at it you have one summation that we can all draw from. By utilizing some of the most simultaneously used media and leveraging that with powerful advertising that directly influences this growing demographic you can align your brand and your products for more sales and more visibility that will grow virally.


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Joe Whyte has been developing, managing and implementing successful, innovative, bleeding edge digital marketing strategies for Fortune 500 companies for over 7 years.

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  1. You would think game consoles would be up from last year. This chart is intriguing.

  2. Nice post Mr. Whyte. I knew it was time to start making advertisement rap songs!jk

  3. Nicely said. Good call on these 'gaps' they are instant money makers when you can find them, and if you know how to market to them....

  4. Great article Joe! Nice use of graphs in the piece.

  5. Great article. It's similar findings to what we are seeing out here in Australia. I run a marketing firm specialising in connecting and engaging Gen Y, and we have been looking at similar research needs - looking at what other media is being used whilst watching TV, DVDs... the uptake in social networking/or its demise etc. We are seeing a significant reduction in TV viewing here in Australia - our latest study of 18-24yo's showed that the majority watched between 0-3 hrs of TV (pay and free) per week. I wonder where that sits against the US? Thanks for the post! Adam Penberthy - Fresh

  6. Hey Adam, Great question. In the United States I do not have the exact numbers but I know that we consume about 4-6 hours of tv a day on average. The younger generations obviously consume more but whats interesting is that they are multitasking far greater then the later generations. With the growth of technology and the education on this technolegy at a younger age its no wonder our 12-17 year olds are conusming so much more then people my age (26). Thanks for the comment!!! Joe Whyte

  7. Here is some more info on the TV vs. Internet consumption: There is also this interesting but a bit old article from Clickz: Adam, this should give you a better idea of how TV consumption in US is affected by the Internet.

  8. Thank you for the statistic graph, I will be using it for an article at Thank again!