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There’s not too much happening this weekend in the world of search marketing that I can dig up, but I was buy adderall in the uk. zyban without prescription buy lady era feeling pensive and decided to blog a bit on the question of mergers. Seems to me over the last year (probably longer if I tried to recall anything older than that) one thing we certainly can count on in the online race to be king of the search engines is that there will be a rumor circulating almost at any point in time suggesting that search engine A is about to merge with search engine B or auction site C or online pay system D. The names have been removed to protect the innocent LOL.

The only thing that has happened over the past year is that those aspiring to be king of the hill are still largely the same entities. What Google in particular has been doing is acquiring smaller corporations and adding their services into the basic search engine. Yahoo! also is in this game, but Microsoft? They appear to be fixated on rumors that they are going to take over AOL or Yahoo!, buy eBay, or buy PayPal instead of searching for some gems that are waiting to be snapped up to enhance their currently rather meager offerings.

Google’s got it right in this case. Balance Viagra Super Active buy the addition of new features with improving their core competency – search. That’s what the people want. Maybe if we all wish really, really hard, we can also dispense with future rumor-mongering. Of course, then what would us bloggers have to talk about? :)

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