Meta Tag Copywriting And Optimization Tips

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Meta tags provide the search engine spiders with information about a website.A� The search engines are focused on providing users with the best possible search experience and want to provide them with the most relevant results.A� The only way for a search engine spider to know that a particular website is relevant to a search query is if that website has been well optimized for specific keywords.A� These keywords need to be used throughout the web page content and incorporated into the meta tags on each page. While ita��s true that the search engines used to weigh meta tag information more heavily when generating search results than they do now, ita��s still considered to be SEO best cheap doxycycline practice to include them and optimize them.A� The following are tips for each of the major meta tags that should be included:

1.A� Red Viagra online Title Tag

The title tag is not technically a meta tag but it still provides the search engines and search engine users with valuable information.A� It is the clickable link on a search engine results buy sildalis page listing and is indexed by the search engines.A� Not including this tag (or using the same one on multiple pages) means that Google will use any other text on that page as the title.A� Obviously, you dona��t want that to happen since it probably wona��t be the most accurate representation of the content on that page and wona��t look as clean as a nicely written title tag.A� Ita��s important to use your primary keyword or keyword phrase in the title tag, and preferably at the beginning.A� Dona��t use only the company name for the homepage title tag, especially if the company name doesna��t include any keywords.A� The title tag needs to be concise at less than 70 characters (including spaces).

2.A� Meta antibiotic cheapest Tag Description

The meta tag description appears below the title on a search engine results page.A� Think of it as your sales can you buy provera over the counter. pitch.A� What differentiates your web page from the others that are listed amongst it on the page?A� What information can a search engine user expect to find on this page?A� Each page should have a unique description, since the content is obviously different on each page.A� Use the meta tag description to persuade a potential visitor to click on your page in 150 characters or less.

3.A� H1 Tag

H1 tags are the headlines that appear on the actual page of content.A� It is the first text that a search engine spider a�?seesa�? on the page and therefore should include targeted keywords.A� The H1 tag should not be the same as buy Cialis online, order zithromax cheap Lasix . the title tag, which serves a different purpose.A� Depending on the amount of content on the page, it may be advisable to also use sub-headers (H2, H3, etc.).A� These tags help your SEO and also break up the content which improves the page from a usability perspective.

4.A� Image Tag

Remember, the search engine spiders are robots and they cana��t see your page.A� This means that an image that doesna��t include a tag is passed over and has no significance.A� By including an optimized image tag you are telling the spider what the image is about and it provides an opportunity to include one levothroid buy online or more relevant keywords.


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