Mobile Shopping Spring

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Title: Paroxetine for sale, buy clomid. Mobile Shopping Spring

Location: San Diego, CA

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buy npxl Description: This Ground-breaking Conference will help you:

  • Make mobile a priority in your organization to achieve funding and advance marketing initiatives
  • Understand evolving staffing requirements and attract people with the right skill sets
  • Optimize usability to build the most competitive mobile experience
  • Create a fully integrated marketing campaign that bridges mobile, web, TV, and print
  • Employ meaningful analytics and discover the best way to calculate ROI for your mobile initiatives
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  • Improve the in-store experience by introducing mobile to employees and to customers
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  • Leverage mobile payments to evolve the shopping experience
  • Incorporate CRM in mobile/social Media campaigns to keep customers coming back
  • Build a tablet-specific offering that is a true value-add
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  • Harness the latest innovations like 3-d, image recognition, and augmented reality to deliver the freshest, most engaging mobile experience

Date: April 23-25, 2012


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