MSN Adds Behavioral Targeting to adCenter

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Kamagra Soft for sale, purchase dapoxetine. Microsoft adCenter advertisers can now have their pay-per-click ads shown to users who have been identified as likely purchasers based on their search history. By analyzing a user’s search history and the sites they have visited, MSN creates a “profile” of the user. Users who have expressed a lot of interest in cars, for example, can be tagged as potential auto buyers and therefore more likely to complete a purchase.

MSN counts on demographic, and now behavioral, targeting to set it apart from the competition. However, other major players are not far behind. Google has been collecting search data for a while now. buy atarax jaguar viagra. Yahoo! is almost ready to release their brand new pay-per-click platform. Microsoft, however, has a good infrastructure in place and it is about time it Viagra Professional online buy npxl started using it wisely.

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