Navigating The Undercurrent Of Search Marketing In Japan – Part 2

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Bridging the Cultures a�� Boasting Doesna��t Work

a�?Best prices.a�?A� a�?Largest selection.a�?A� a�?Nobody Female Viagra cheapest beats us.a�?

In the United States, wea��re expected to make bold statements about ourselves and our products and services.A� Ita��s common for our advertising messages to be strong, even boastful.A�A�A� Hey, if we dona��t say how great we are, then who will?A� Right?A� Wrong a�� at least in Japan.

In Japan, the focus should always lead to the value that organization places on the customer and the value of the product or service.A� Think old-school, customer-centric service we used to have in the United States.A� Additionally, being self-aggrandizing is a social faux pas in Japan. A�Instead you have to prove your value by description, knowledge, experience, and being helpful and caring toward customers.A� Likewise, being negative, or the perception that youa��re trashing competitors, wona��t win you any fans.

For example, in a landing page, you may find that the dominant message would read something like buy atarax online this:

For a Hair Salon & Spa:

a�?We are cialis 5mg daily reviews. close to train and bus stations.A� Each day can bring job stress, and rest and relaxation is important.A� Feel better in our soothing atmosphere and with our staff that can counsel you on the best hair style for you.a�?

For a Wine Bar & Bistro:

a�?Ita��s common to hear the word a�?pairinga�� when discussing food and Brand Viagra for sale, acquire lioresal. wine.A� It can be a worry for some people.A� Dona��t worry.A� We have a staff that will be here for you to make recommendations based on the food specials we have on a given day.a�?

Be Flexible with Best Practices

If youa��re a search engine marketer targeting audiences in the States, youa��ve likely studied and tested numerous strategies for page design, ad copy, ad network placement and effective calls-to-action.

If you want to be successful in Japan, be prepared to tweak or throw out dogmatic strategies.A� Those best practices youa��ve honed have a likelihood of falling flat.

For starters, colors in general arena��t impregnated with bias in Japan like they are here.A� For example, pink isna��t a a�?femalea�? color a�� ita��s popular with both men and women.A� When colors do have meaning they dona��t necessarily correlate to our own a�� to symbolize love you might use orange instead of red.

Even background colors that wea��ve determined are pleasing to the US consumera��s eye wona��t work well in Japan.A� They may be seen as lifeless and dead. A�Be open to color palates that you would never consider here in the States. A light grey background may not sildalis buy online go over very well, but aqua blue or black may get the job done.

As for page layout, the Japanese craving for loads of data and information means that landing Viagra Professional buy pages can and should be busier and fuller than you would use in the United States.A� They dona��t share our need for white space.A� But there still needs to be a clear, strong call-to-action.

An Evolving Search Industry a�� Modeled After Our Best Practices, But Made Their Own

Japan businesses have made an art of taking an American practice and making it better a�� cars, cameras, other consumer technologies.

The search industry is the same.A� The search landscape in Japan is behind the United States.A� The average small business owner isna��t doing search engine marketing at all a�� and therea��s not a lot of in-country buy cipro infrastructure to support local search, like agencies or experts who specialize in SEM.A� Consumers are still used to finding local products or services through flyers or other print-based advertising.

That said, Japanese search marketing companies are watching US and UK best practices and beginning to create their own viable strategy.A� Theya��re looking for ways to perfect it and to make it their own.A� They are actively partnering with US companies to make their service offering more robust.

If youa��re targeting consumers in Japan, just remember that search advertising a�� just like anything else a�� doesna��t translate word-for-word.A� You cana��t just take an ad or a landing page, put it in Japanese and think youa��ll be successful.A� Be acquire baclofen aware of the undercurrent of cultural elements that drive Japanese consumers, and create campaigns that show true cultural understanding.


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Brendon David is a Senior Manager at the Los Angeles-based SEM software and online advertising company WebVisible. He has extensive experience working in Japan and with Japanese clients, and helps head search marketing initiatives in Japan for WebVisible.

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  1. Debra

    In terms of PPC advertising superlatives won't fly in the U.S. either, since they are not tolerated by search engines in paid ads.