New Approach To Multimedia Could Spell Doom For Top Engines – Part 2

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New Approach to Multimedia Could Spell Doom For Top Engines

Impressive performance

The founders claim an astounding threshold buy Silfar online, lioresal online. of confidence and impressive indexing speed for what appears to be such a revolutionary technology.

a�?The first information we want from the Brain is whether or not it can identify with high confidence lioresal without prescription the set of objects in an image or video content,a�? says Roychowdhury. a�?In many cases, it cannot so we discard those parts of the content or scene.a�?

Still, the founders claim the Brain can accurately understand the context of a significant percent of all online generic zyban video. The rate of understanding increases when you look only at high quality video a�� the type of video that high end publishers commonly seek to monetize.

“When the Brain claims to know the objects, it performs above 90 percent accuracy and is constantly improving,a�? adds Roychowdhury. a�?Plus, even if it captures just more than 20 percent of all online video, that is a huge amount of multimedia content. We focus on preserving the Braina��s high quality performance. So it retains only the most reliable object signals.a�?

The speed of the Brain is already impressive. Video provides the most elaborate challenge, with thousands of frames and complex audio files. Even the high quality video on which it focuses can be indexed by the Haileo Brain in just 3-5 Viagra Professional purchase times a videoa��s run time. So a high quality one minute video can be indexed in just 3-5 minutes. Once that process is complete, ita��s cached and remains available in real time from that point forward. In the future, this could theoretically happen in real time, even with live events.

Current Applications

Although fun to consider the potential of the technology, Haileoa��s Vizilinks product already pays dividends for publishers, advertisers and shopping comparison sites. The technology is up and running on MetaTube (, where almost every video features ads matched by Haileo.

a�?Most publishers can significantly improve their efforts to monetize video and image assets with considerably less effort,a�? explains Roychowdhury. a�?First and foremost, they need to better understand the multimedia theya��re monetizing within the context of the user experience. Haileo helps them do that.a�?

The process requires publishers to insert a single line of javascript inside the html page. From there, the Brain sniffs the page and quickly begins serving ads. The video does not have to be edited, a potential game changing factor for publishers, who could cast aside many troubling copyright issues. The ads can overlay on or appear adjacent to the video.

For marketers, the Brain analyzes where to buy domperidone online. their ads like any other online object. The ads are mapped to all other objects to determine synergy between them. As the Brain identifies the best matches, ads are served around the most relevant multimedia. Product data feeds can integrate inventory, promotions and other timely information.

Haileo is also developing specialized vertical brains. The first specialized brain focuses on fashion. Electronics is next on order npxl online the docket. The company plans to continue expanding its focus into new verticals. Adding clients in other verticals will help establish their roadmap and timeline.

Some hesitant advertisers and publishers might worry about disastrous brand associations. Haileo has several ways to put their nerves at rest; its teams constantly optimize based on performance. This provides a self policing mechanism for poorly matched objects similar to other best practices in paid search and contextual advertising. Publishers and advertisers can also set their own rules like limiting or prohibiting certain brands, for example. Advertisers can do the same with publisher sites.

Haileo can also establish a transition period. On one end of that spectrum, humans must approve every ad placement individually. On the other, the Brain gets free reign to place ads as it sees fit. The needle can be set initially on the side Viagra Soft without prescription of human involvement for the hesitant advertiser or publisher. As they grow more comfortable and trusting of the decisions it makes, they can turn the dial more toward the Brain.

As our world becomes increasingly saturated with multimedia content, information gathering and organization become increasingly complex. New technologies like this not buy levitra only hold the potential to make video and other multimedia content more orderly and accessible to users. They offer publishers simplified monetization that can make a difference immediately.


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