OMMA Behavioral 2011

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Title: OMMA Behavioral

Location: New York, NY

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Description: “Targeting 2.0: Welcome to the Machine — Behavioral targeting is no longer the only high-tech advertising game in town. Gone are the days of segmenting a�?in-marketa�? audiences simply by the Web pages they recently viewed. Now, data and algorithms spring from many sources to reflect all kinds of behaviors: from social networking activity to offline purchase histories, affinities across onea��s social graph to content sharing patterns. Online a�?Behaviora�? isna��t what it used to be, and nor is the targeting technology the data powers. BT now sits within a complex alphabet soup of technologies: demand side platforms (DSPs) to real-time Bidding (RTB), supply-side platforms (SSPs) to yield optimizers and ad verifiers. a�?Audience-drivena�? ad buying now encompasses a broad range of achingly complex segmentation and delivery mechanisms. a�?Behaviorala�? advertising is now just one element in a rapidly changing ad technology juggernaut that has captured agenciesa�� attention and is poised to grab brand advertising dollars. Welcome to the (new) machine.

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As the OMMA Behavioral event series enters its fourth year, we explore how buy clomid generic baclofen a�?behaviorala�? data is being defined in the new ad targeting machine. How are marketers sorting through the torrents of data points we now have about users to locate the ones that matter most to their goals? How are the segmentation methods fitting within this increasingly complex a�?stacka�? of data, optimization, real-time matching and verification technologies? How are the new approaches re-tooling some of the common applications of behavioral data for retail CRM, social network marketing, re-targeting and publisher ad programs? The entire advertising economy seems to have been rewired into a complex super-targeting computer in the last year. Where does the original a�?black boxa�? of digital marketing, behavioral targeting, fit in?”

Date: March 22, 2011 no precription cialis.


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