Online Video’s Impact Means Advertising Ahead

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Wea��ve all us cheap viagra. seen the stats of how many searches are being made each day, and that the majority of purchase cycles involve a search engine at some stage. A�Video is however quickly becoming the dominant form of online media, and thus an apparent opportunity that needs further consideration.

Leta��s put things into perspective – each day Youtube users view over Viagra Soft cheap two billion videos. This is the same as the number of searches performed on Google each day. Cisco is also predicting that by 2013, 90% of web traffic will be for video content, a significant jump from todaya��s 30%.

At a recent Google display advertising seminar, Bruce Daisley ( of Youtube ran through the website’s latest developments and some quite interesting stats:

  • 17% of Youtube visits perform a video search
  • 2% of site searches are for a�?how to…a�? content
  • 10% of Youtube traffic comes from social sites such as Facebook and Twitter

And in an effort to debunk the popular myth that Youtube is populated by teens watching skateboarding dogs, there was a pie chart that showed that the user base Viagra Super Active online, cheap dapoxetine. (registered Youtube users) is much more spread across demographics.

Marketers with video content already hosted on Youtube who want to increase views, should consider the promoted video functionality as a tool for seeding content. Promoted videos will show up against searches in a similar fashion as a Google PPC ad. The long-term benefit of this is that as purchase zyban Youtube organically ranks videos by the number of views, any visits A�resulting from a promoted video’s campaign will benefit its long-term natural rankings as well.

Since buy clomid ita��s still relatively early days for the promoted video functionality (launched early 2009), there are opportunities for low cost-per-clicks.

How do you get started? If you have video content and want to try out the promoted video ads format and are based in the US, hop over to Non-US residents are still being confined to the regular AdWords interface.


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Magnus Nilsson is Managing Director at RED Performance, an Oslo-based agency that helps clients increase their online marketing results.

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