Optimized Local PPC Targeting


Local advertisers rely heavily on geo-targeting when it comes to pharmacy rx world. pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The groundwork of their marketing campaign is built on attaining local customers, but are they getting the most out of their efforts to maintain a strong local presence?

To ensure you are reaching the entire local audience you are targeting, you must have at least two PPC campaigns set up — one targeted to the geographic area by IP address and another targeted nationally with geocentric keywords. For example, if you are a dentist in Austin, your first campaign (A) would be targeted by IP address to the Austin Metro area and your second campaign (B) would be targeted nationally but will only contain keywords with city, neighborhood, zip code, area code, and regional lingo modifiers. A few examples of keywords for Campaign B might be Austin dentist, Oak Hill dentist, 78749 dentists, buy cialis 512 dentists, or Central Texas dentist.

Campaigns set up in this fashion will ensure you are optimized for all potential searchers looking for your service. While Campaign A captures everyone whose IP address is situated in your locale, Campaign B order estrace will capture everyone who is not located immediately within your area but maybe be searching for your services because they are planning on being in your area at some point in the future.

With two campaigns come two distinctively different messages you want to promote in your ads and on your landing pages. All of your ads and landing pages in Campaign A should provide reassurance that you serve the local area. Driving directions, phone numbers, detailed business information, exact service areas, and store visit headlines will all get that message across. Campaign Bai??i??s ads and landing pages should be more blunt. Those searchers may not be as familiar with the area, so you need to reassure them that you do. Instead of driving directions, ask them where Viagra without prescription, dapoxetine without prescription. they are located. Also, try and capture their email address or phone number because it may take a second connection to convert this kind of lead.

By following this two-pronged approach to optimize your local PPC campaigns, you will get more comprehensive and targeted coverage and a more targeted message to your audience. For local advertising, these are two key factors to success that will make you Viagra Professional without prescription stand apart from your local competition.

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Chris Stiner is both a SEM specialist and DRTV media buyer at Koeppel Direct. With over 10 years of offline and online direct response marketing experience, he has a unique skill set and outlook on the synergies of multi-channel SEM direct response marketing.

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  1. Campaign A ip addresses? Sorry I am not sure what you are refering to here? Can you help me out? I understand campaign B and your advice is great, thank you.

  2. Hey Bill - Regarding campaign A, Geo-targeting is done by ip address. Thanks! Chris-

  3. Great article, but by doing these two things A and B - wont you "overlap" ? I mean how would you make sure A doesnt fill out B's spots? I dont know if you understand me, but hope you do!

  4. Campaign B seems quite interesting to me. I do not know if I am understanding it completley but why would you want to optimize nationally. It seems like it would be way to much work setting up the campaign for the benefits you will receive from it. How many people in Texas would really be searching for dentists in San Francisco? It just seems weird. Can you explain a little more the reasoning behind doing a national campaign when you have a strictly local company?