Outdated SEO Tactics That Will Get You Penalized


The recent Google Penguin update served as a harsh reminder that we are at the mercy of Google.Ai?? Many businesses rely on their website to help generate leads and sales.Ai?? If the website pretty much disappears from search results, business (and income) disappear along with it.Ai?? This is why itai??i??s necessary to ai???play niceai??? with Google and the other search engines.Ai?? If they consider something to be a spammy, black hat tactic — simply donai??i??t do it.Ai?? The issue that arises though, is that practices that were once accepted (or at least not publicly criticized by the search engines) are no longer effective and can now lead to harsh penalties.Ai?? With the recent update, Google is attempting to rank websites based on usability and content for human visitors, not for how well it was ai???SEOai??i??d.ai???Ai?? Itai??i??s important to learn from each update and make the necessary changes to your strategy.Ai?? The following tactics are no longer valid and will get your site penalized for over-optimization:

1.Ai?? Purchasing a Keyword Rich Domain Name

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Keywords are still important, but they should be used naturally.Ai?? The URL of your website should be an identifiable brand, not a string of keywords.Ai?? Keyword order zyban rich domains were hit by the update because they are no longer considered for ranking purposes.Ai?? Itai??i??s the content on the page that matters.

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2.Ai?? Adding Keyword Rich Microsites

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Many microsites donai??i??t serve a buy provigil real purpose.Ai?? They are created for the sole purpose of ranking for specific keywords.Ai?? Typically, they have a keyword rich domain name and very thin content.Ai?? A better investment is to add a page of good content to your main website.Ai?? If your site is trusted, it will rank better than a low quality microsite anyway.

3.Ai?? Writing for the Search Engines

The primary target audience for your content should always be humans, not the search engine spiders.Ai?? Write for the people that may actually buy your products or services.Ai?? Keywords are still important, but they need to be incorporated into the content naturally.Ai?? The search engines arenai??i??t going to Super P-Force no rx, buy dapoxetine online. rank a page because you put the keyword in there 10 times.Ai?? In fact, they will consider this to be spam and in the process you will also turn off your visitors.

4.Ai?? Non-Varied Anchor Text Linking buy viagra online

Anchor text linking only works to a certain extent.Ai?? The key is that it needs to Viagra Sublingual buy be natural.Ai?? Think about how an outsider would link to your site.Ai?? They would probably use the brand name or even ai???click hereai???.Ai?? They wouldnai??i??t link to your big keyword over and over again.Ai?? Itai??i??s OK to use keyword anchor text, but only if you keep it diverse.Ai?? Link to different variations of the keyword and do it infrequently.Ai?? Thereai??i??s no need to include 5 anchor text links in a 300 word article.


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  1. Please explain more about #1. You're saying that if I have "auto-insurance-chicago.com" I risk getting slapped down by Google. Even if they don't, those keywords are now not factored into the serps at ALL? Taking it further, it's of no value to have proper URL structure, like: mysite.com/widgets/outdoor/funky/ and I might as well just use: mysite.com/widget.php?id=57 ?

  2. Hi Mickey, Thanks for reading! I would say yes, since having this type of non brandable keyword rich domain name can lead to a penalty ( especially a combo of post Google panda and Google penguin updates), more info here: http://www.brickmarketing.com/blog/panda-penguin-updates.htm Also, here is another article I wrote about this very topic: http://www.searchengineoptimizationjournal.com/2012/05/31/penguin-keyword-rich-domains/ I hope this helps and thanks again for reading! Nick

  3. Good info. Thanks!

  4. PS - Install this plugin (or one like it) so I don't have to keep your site open in a tab and wait for a reply. I'm not often that patient. :) http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/subscribe-to-comments/