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I wrote recently that Pay-Per-Post is the new directory submission. It appears that I was a little understated… How many direct sales have you ever had from a directory submission?

Aaron Wall (who is involved in the ReviewMe service) recently submitted his book and other SEO services to the ReviewMe system. Here’s what he found:

I have not tracked sales from most of my ReviewMe reviews (because were can i buy inderal. I do not generally track that granular), but John Chow put up affiliate links in his review of my ebook, and I can tell you that his review paid for itself the first day.

Wall links to a review of ReviewMe by industry writer Sugarrae. She notes:

The site I had reviewed was given two links to the homepage with the site name as the anchor. The review was close to 300 words and they also added our logo to the review (which was also linked for a third link to the homepage from the review page). [...]Another thing to note is that the site I had reviewed is most antibiotic without prescription certainly a good one. I might be biased, but I think it is one of the best in the sector. So, the great review we were given as a result no doubt helped with bringing traffic through.

Sugarrae’s example gives some good insight into who’s likely to work best with the service – folks whose buy dopoxetine online sites and services already kick butt ;) Neither Wall nor Sugarrae used the service solely to generate links, and both definitely went into it with an open mind regarding the actual REVIEW portion of the service.

These buy sildalis folks aren’t paid to make your product, site or service sound good, only to tell their readers what they think about it.

If you buy Viagra Super Active, cheap clomid. use the service be sure to do your diligence investigating WHO’s writing your review and how they’ve reviewed others in the past. If your site’s well below your industry’s standard you may be better off buying a directory submission after all.


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  1. I remember Google being very upset with similar services a few months ago but lately they stopped. Any idea if they managed to stop these kind of links and are not counted in their algorithm?