Panama Rising: Yahoo’s New Platform Live in US Today


Is it too early to expect a Panama review from Tom Hale, Evan Roberts or Al Scilitani? Probably :) As Andy Beal reports:

“At 3pm PST today, Yahoo will bring together 30 to 40 buy zoloft engineers and start migrating the old Overture pay-per-click platform over to the new ‘Panama’ model.”

Yahoo’s paid search blog should be a decent source of info too ;)

If you’d like to dig in from a more engineering, patent-speak perspective for a glimpse at what’s coming check out Bill Slawski’s 13 New Yahoo Search Marketing Patent Applications.

From Yahoo’s perspective this is big news – their flagging performance has investors worried and many folks suggest that Panama will make or break their 2007… and determine if they’re Google’s competition or Microsoft’s.

From the marketer’s perspective it’s a para q es la pastilla allegra d. whole new experience, especially with the addition of the click performance measurement. Yup, Yahoo will no longer allow you to buy your way to the top.

This should result in an all buy clomid around better experience for users – and keep reading SMSblog for how it affects marketers :)

How else will Yahoo grow its profits? Loren Baker reports that Yahoo’s Building 100 Social Media Powered Entertainment Sites. With the power of their network it won’t take long to build each one to a significant size… And this could be the first instance -after Answers- of Yahoo really trying to build some social media projects instead of just buying them.

If you’re an affiliate marketer wondering when to start using paid search ShoeMoney has an interesting thought. His advice, taken from the post How To Choose A CPA Affiliate & My 2006 Regrets is”

“My approach is to build organic traffic to a niche and test different affiliates. Then when I find Malegra DXT buy online, dapoxetine reviews. something that works I will put a lot of PPC money behind it.”

So there you have it folks, Yahoo Rising Viagra Sublingual online – I’ll be on the watch for good Panama reviews and if you have initial reactions please post them in the comments.


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  1. Sorry to let you down Garrett, but I am not Panama ready yet, review-wise. But since it looks like they have just Google-ized there product, it would have to be an improvement I think. Granted, that comment stems from a pro-Google prejudice. -T

  2. Even though I have been a Yahoo! Search Ambassador, I have never been a big Yahoo fan. I will not go into all the reasons, but suffice it to say I have a prejudice. Perhaps it has to do with the "Portal Roots". But they are a player, so I keep trying to find the time, ways, to fit Yahoo into my practice. The other day I thought I would partake of one of their webinars on the recent changes to Yahoo Search, Panama as it is called. From what I saw I liked because it is now much more like AdWords, my specialty. Some of the reporting features especially looked useful. Unfortunately they had technical problems and had to scrub much of the presentation. See, I told you. Whenever Yahoo and I try to make amends, something gets in the way. The result, over years, is a general sense of frustrated foreboding when the name even comes up. But I am planning on re-taking the Search Ambassador test very shortly and cautiously moving a few clients back into Yahoo. We'll see how it goes. -T

  3. I think Yahoo search is just about as good as google and really doesn't get the credit it deserves. I get a lot of search traffic from yahoo but not as much as google. However the yahoo search traffic seems to convert a bit better imo. Leo