Is It Possible To Rank On Google’s First Page In One Month?


Can you get a first page ranking on Google in one month? Sometimes.

As a rule, you should never expect to see a brand new site in the top 10 of Google in less than a few months, or longer. Sometimes, however, it is possible to get the top spot in 30 days if all the conditions are right. There are no guarantees that your site will hold a high position for long, online sildenafil, zithromax online. but it is always rewarding to claim a top space for a new site.

What are the factors that can push you to the top quickly? First and foremost, a domain name that exactly matches your keyword choice will take you a long way. This is one of the reasons that exact match domain names carry such a premium price on the aftermarket and on domain auction sites. As a caveat, it is best to get .com, .net, and .org sites versus .info or .biz domains, since search engines tend to give less trust to alternate extensions. Strangely enough, Bing doesna��t seem to have as many problems indexing variations including .cc, .ws, and .tv domains, so buy motilium a higher volume keyword may get you a nice stream of traffic on this engine.

The other great thing about an exact match domain name is that Google may assume that people who do a keyword search are really looking for your website, so your site gets priority despite a worse linking, age, or SEO profile. In the language of search marketers, your site is matching up for a a�?navigational query,a�? so it is outside the realm of many SEO qualifications. If you have ever wondered why sites with minimal content are holding canadain brand only tricor. down good search engine positions, navigational query matching may be the answer.

How else can you move your site to the top in a month? It helps to put content on the site as soon as you secure the domain name. A micro-site with a homepage, about us, and privacy policy would be a good start, and testing has shown that sites like these meet the minimal requirements for testing. Most recently, I bought a domain name on February 10th and achieved a top ranking on March 25th of this year using this technique. One of the top mistakes of SEO clients who are designing a site is the failure to put placeholder content on the domain before the final site is ready. Google will come and visit a new domain name periodically in order to check for content, and it is best to start the a�?aginga�? process on your website if you hope to get substantial search traffic later.

Over the past couple of years, it has become clear that you dona��t need to submit your site to Google, or even link to your site, to get it crawled, cached, and indexed. It is still a good idea to get links, and perhaps submit the site once, to make sure the spiders know youa��re there, especially doxycyclin purchase if you had an empty/parked domain for a while. If you have bought your domain name from someone else, and it has been parked for a while, adding the site to Google Webmaster Tools is highly recommended, since Google may be assuming the domain is still hosting a bunch of ads. Webmaster Tools may also indicate that the site is being withheld from the index, at which point you can get your re-inclusion request ready.

Niche sites and specific topics are the best candidates for rapid rankings growth, especially considering the use of exact match domain names. If you can find names that get a good volume, or have a high long-tail conversion rate, you could even create a series of specific-topic websites for lead generation, affiliate, or ecommerce sales. With enough patience and bandwidth, you can create a a�?farma�? of autonomous websites that rank for specific keywords.

Under normal circumstances, you shouldna��t expect to see your site at the top of Google in a month, but it does happen, and buy Lasix you may be able to leverage a set of circumstances in your favor. Assuming that you can get an exact match domain name, add content, and start getting good links, you may be able to bypass the extended route taken with standard SEO projects. As always, getting to the top in a month does not guarantee that youa��ll stay there, and we have seen cases where people peak in the rankings and then hold a #30 spot for 6 months before climbing back to the first page. Over the long term, there is still a lot of potential in having one or more sites with focused topics, but it is still rewarding and exciting to see your new site dominate the search engine rankings in record time.

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Patrick Hare is an in-house SEO consultant for Search Agency. Over the past 10 years, he has created SEO and PPC campaigns for affiliate websites, ecommerce stores, and lead generation platforms. Learn more about Search Agency’s SEO affiliate program by contacting 866-721-8192.

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  1. joseph

    Matt Cutts has already said in a recent interview, Google doesn't give extra weight to .com and less weight to .info domains its the other metrics that matter.

  2. I agree that it is a challenge to reach the first page in a month...unless the challenger are few...which probably also means the visitors will be few :) .-= Richard Cummings´s last blog ..Web Authentication Using PHP and MySql =-.

  3. Its definately possible. More possible with micro niche and niche sites. .-= Andy´s last blog ..Directory Submission =-.

  4. Good insight into what's really required.

  5. It is certainly possible to rank in the first page for the domain name (you can select one which is keyword rich) as well as local terms.

  6. It is possible to rank on first page of Google in one month, but there is no guaranty that can get Google Plenty (send box).

  7. I'm sure it is possible to rank that high even in a month with the proper seo techniques and with some steady link building. Of course it can be a challenge especially for beginners but it is completely possible.

  8. To rank for medium competitive keywords is possible within a month.But if the keyword is competitive it can take some long time.An excellent article for new webmasters who are desperate to get good rank on google.

  9. Thanks for your insights, I'm definitely wanting to get my website on that top 30 list, sitting at 80 right now, isn't cutting it.

  10. As a top SEO/webmaster expert I know it's quiet common to rank a proper website in a week, I do it all the time. The key is to link to PR1 sites and have great content, letting Google know it was a lot of time put into the website. But over all yes, we do it most of the time

  11. My new wordpress site got a No. 1 spot on Google within a week. I was shocked but when I added an extra page to it, somehow this affected it negatively and it has since been knocked down to the second page. I did trying to remove the added page but it had no effect as it had already been indexed by Google. I notice with my wordpress sites there is a post and a page button. If I build pages via the post button, somehow they seem to add duplicate content as it doesnt just add the post but it adds the same post to a catagory, hence making duplicate content. I need to work this out for myself. The other problem I find is if I first block search engines from crawling my site till it is finished properly, then unblock it, somehow they dont index it. I have experienced this on 3 different sites I have. Must be that Google have tried indexing and found it blocked so registered it as indexed but to not show or something.

  12. if you have good and quality of content with regular upload new contents definitely the result will be good with in a few months . the fact that 1.keyword related aged domain 2.Quality & large content ------ Thanks, Regrds, Kohn kat, Spiderindia.

  13. after the recent penguin update, not sure if all these pointers are worth or not. In any case, updating your site with qualiy content always works.

  14. Hey Patrick, Everyone. I'm no expert by any means but I've ranked my sites on page 1 time & time again. So it's no fluke! :D I use WordPress & the SEO plugin 'Yoast' which has a built-in sitemap - handy that! It works fantastically. Also, the post about Matt Cutts saying Google doesn't prefer .com domains is just Piffle... of course they do!!! Web Design Fife

  15. if you have good and quality of content with regular upload new contents definitely the result will be good with in a few months . cooool info

  16. It's been a month since i've created my website. As a begginer i would say that its going pretty well. But I'm suprised, because one of my posts , suddenly ranked #2 on google and that gave me a lot of views . But i still cant understand why that post is right there and the others not...

  17. it has been nearly one year for my website but even i tried hard only a few keywords in Google first site's pagerank is still 0 no matter what i can do.i think the main problem is my website is video website and there is no article in it.i need help about it.anyone suggestion would be good.thanks for the article.

  18. "SEO experts generally agree that off-page link building techniques can contribute around 80% of the effectiveness in any SEO campaign." Um, *I* don't know any such experts. That's the craziest (wrong) statistic I've seen about SEO in a LONG time,

  19. If i do seo of zakat calculator then how much time it will take to get rank in google first page?.

  20. Well, I have a lot of competitors, but I still managed to get on first page (for most important keyword). It was a high jump (from 20th page). That was after 2 months, but it didn't last for too long, and I soon droped to 8th page. I assume that google is pushing me because relatively new web site. I think that I would have stable results after 6 - 9 months.