The Razor's Edge – Web Analytics 2.0 Arrives

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We’re on the razor’s edge today – Occam’s Razor, that is. With Avinash Kaushik’s new book Web Analytics 2.0 finally hitting the bookstores, he’s promoting – well, at least as much as he has time for with his multiple full-time jobs and numerous other responsibilities and passions. Avinash is not popular just because of what he has to say – his energy and sense of humor makes what could be a dry, dry topic into something anyone can get into and understand.

Avinash himself lays out the “chapter and verse” of the book on his blog this week. As he says, “It is not a technical book, though it will make you technically dangerous. It is not just a business book, though every dna strand in this book is more about online marketing than online analytics. It is not a hard book to read, though it is brain food.” You know it’s going to become a classic, but you may not know that all proceeds will benefit two very worthwhile charities, and there’s a contest too (check it out).

If you want to listen to Avinash talk a bit about the book just before he finished it, there’s a 25 minute podcast available on Six Pixels of Separation, where host Mitch Joel talks Web Analytics 2.0 With Avinash Kaushik.

Of course, he’s not resting on any laurels. Continuing his efforts, Avinash will be giving the keynote at the upcoming Search Insider Summit in Park City. Gord Hotchkiss recently spoke with him about the keynote in Search Insider Sneak Peek: The Three-For-One Keynote, where he revealed he’ll be talking about The Gold In The Long Tail, Attribution Redefined, and Search Data Insights.

Before long, Web Analytics 2.0 will become a dog-eared companion to its predecessor Web Analytics: An Hour A Day on MY bookshelf—how about yours?

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