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We’ll miss ya, and we’ll miss the Scobleizer even more. Sad but true, Robert Scoble has decided to leave Microsoft for greener (and we mean “green” as in the color of money) pastures. Scoble is going to a new startup where he expects to find a new challenge and the opportunity to score some stock options as well as a salary higher than Microsoft has paid him.

Surprising to me, MS had paid Scoble less than $100,000 cheap zoloft free viagra samples by pfizer. per year, yet if anything has helped Microsoft’s public image this past year or so, it’s been his blog, which has been extremely effective at offering “constructive criticism” of the corporation in a way that was OK with Microsoft.

For whatever my opinion is worth, they’re going to miss that diplomacy in a big way as they plod along in their goal of crushing the competition. Microsoft should have done whatever it buy allopurinol took to keep Scoble – his value to the corporation was, when you get down to it, immeasurable.

I know, I know – Viagra Professional online he says everything was great at Microsoft; they offered to transfer him to Silicon Valley to deal with the personal side of things – he just needed a new challenge. Low doses of deltasone online monitor the condition for treatment. Bottom line – assume that’s all true – Microsoft is going to miss the exposure of Scoble’s blog, even if there are 3,000 other bloggers at Microsoft. Scoble was the face of Microsoft blogging; they’d be lucky to find someone among those 3,000 who is as talented in striking the balance.

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