Retargeting With Search And Display


Everyone knows that with a search campaign you get wasted clicks that donai??i??t turn into conversions. Despite all your efforts of optimization in the keyword, ad copy, bidding, and landing page areas, buy fluoxetine most search marketers still end up with a significantly higher percentage of clicks that donai??i??t convert as to those that do. Many advertisers look at those non-converting clicks as casualties in the fight towards covering the search market. However, if you combine your thought processes and analytics of your search and display campaigns, you will see there is a retargeting gold mine sitting right in front of you.

Hereai??i??s how it works. A consumer searches for something relevant to your business and they arrive at your website via a pay-per-click (PPC) ad. Then they choose, for any number of reasons, to not follow through with a conversion. Then they leave your site. Most often this would be considered as a wasted nolvadex online click and the story would be over. However, if the marketer drops a tracking cookie on the visitorai??i??s computer, they can then offer up retargeted display ads to that person with the hopes of getting a conversion at a later date. Think of this in basketball terms. Your display campaign receives a pass from your search campaign, and scores a basket. Display gets the points and search gets the assist. The perfect Stockton-to-Malone pick and roll.

This process increases the chance for conversion from an otherwise abandoned click. It also means you can center most of your display ad budget on customers who, through their search activity, have proven to have interest in what you are selling. Not generic doxycycline only does this aid your display campaign by spending more budget in that area, it also gives more viability to your search campaign as both a point of conversion and an initial touch point.

Ad agencies and ad networks all offer some sort of retargeting and the common reason for doing this is clear. Web users spend their time across the entire internet. Advertisers need to stay how to make viagra with ginger. Silfar online, buy lasix with mastercard, buy lasix with mastercard, buy lasix with mastercard, buy lasix with mastercard, buy lasix with mastercard, buy lasix with mastercard. purchase Zoloft. engaged with their customers across all channels. By keeping the conversation going from search to display, marketers will have the best chance of converting those so-called wasted clicks into proven conversions through a secondary channel.


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Chris Stiner is both a SEM specialist and DRTV media buyer at Koeppel Direct. With over 10 years of offline and online direct response marketing experience, he has a unique skill set and outlook on the synergies of multi-channel SEM direct response marketing.

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  1. Nick Taylor

    Hey Chris, nice article.. can you share some tips/suggestions on what media buyers should be thinking about when re-targeting their search visitors? Any ad networks you like dealing with better then others? I've started talking to but that's about as far as I've gotten so far. Any feedback you might have on actually implementing such a strategy would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Nice article but should include some steps on retargeting how to.

  3. Hey Chris, great post. Just as you mentioned, retargeting can be very successful because it focuses on visitors who have already expressed an interest. So, if you redisplay your product, it can provide that extra push that leads to a purchase. Here’s a great resource that mentions 10 essentialretargeting tips.